What are Fog Nozzle Uses

What are Fog Nozzle Uses

Regardless of which sector, a healthy and fast production is of great importance. In order to avoid any problems or product faults, the right climatic conditions must be established within the production area. Effective ventilation systems must be used to achieve higher efficiency and to support this with economic solutions. The new generation of fog nozzle systems, which provide superior features in every aspect, are used in many sectors around the world today. After the easy assembly process together with the manufacturing process, it creates a healthier production environment. Thus, the desired production quota can be reached easily and safely. The fog systems, which are prepared according to the international high standards, provide a chance of trouble-free use for many years.

  Fog Nozzle Uses

  It is possible to use fog nozzle systems for each sector according to different production approaches. The system, which allows for effective humidification and cooling in common, provides effective privileges in every aspect with the new generation technology.

 - Greenhouse areas

 - Animal Cooling

 - Mushroom production

 - Industrial use

 - Textile / Paper processing

 - Dust Execution

 - Odor control

 - Special effects

 - Outdoor cooling

 The fog systems for all areas can be used safely under a wide range of different insights. In addition to ensuring trouble-free production, it also provides effective opportunities to protect personnel health. Dust and many other factors in the production area are removed and a more spacious area is created.


 Fog Nozzle System with Special Working Principle

  The fog nozzle has a very different working principle compared to other types of ventilation systems. First of all, with the manufacturing done through the right scaling, the professional assembly is applied to the right area again. High pressure systems which provide very easy operation support by spraying way. Water droplets are delivered to every point of the production area with strong pressure. This can be adjusted at different levels depending on the size of the space.  Thus, water droplets evaporate in air after reaching every point. Evenly, humidification and cooling are applied to the whole space. This enables the supply-demand balance to be achieved by achieving a healthier production. You can safely use high pressure fog systems that are sensitive to human and environment for different purposes in every sector.

  Professional High Pressure System Presentation with Corporate Service Approach

  safely around the world used high-pressure systems, and methods provide efficient solutions for all sectors in Turkey. As a company, we are pleased to provide you with the best systems with professional service. These systems, where production is carried out in accordance with your wishes, allow equal access to all areas according to the size of the area. We are happy to provide you with the best service through creative design and engineering for high efficiency fog systems at very reasonable prices. From the production point to the assembly and after-sales service support, you can get all the possibilities at any time.