Usage Areas of Mist Systems

Usage Areas of Mist Systems

The gases in the atmosphere and the water vapour in the atmosphere are in a natural balance. In times other than extreme climatic conditions, moisture in the air does not pose any harm to humans and, on the contrary, it is imperative for the continuity of life. However, it is not possible to provide a balance in the atmosphere in closed areas with natural facilities. Just as it is in the open air, there must be enough moisture in the environment in order to maintain the vitality, health and production in closed environments. Professional systems for humidifying and air conditioning environments are called mist system, Turkish and misting systems. Using high pressure, these systems make water very fine droplets and spray into the environment with spray-like fog nozzle nozzles. There are many areas where these systems are used. The most frequently used places are greenhouses, indoor environments made from livestock, factories that produce textile and paper, mushrooms and all indoor and outdoor places in hot climate regions.

  Greenhouses and fungus misting

  Greenhouses are special closed areas for growing vegetables and fruits in winter. These areas are special climate areas for fruits and vegetables. Greenhouse humidification systems are used for greenhouse humidification systems. Systems can be managed from a single panel and can be set to the desired amount of flow at any time. These systems which spray at a certain height above the plants also protect the environment from extreme heat. In mushrooms, the use of misting systems is much more common. The mushroom needs to be kept in a constantly dense humidity due to the cold and humid climate. The high-pressure fogging system used to moisten the environment without touching the products can be placed in every corner of the mushrooms.

  Livestock Cooling Technology

  In areas where poultry or cattle breeding is carried out, overheating may occur especially in summer months due to the fact that there is too much animal and continuous movement in the environment as well as the natural body temperature of the animals. In these areas, it is possible to make the environment misting from the points that will not harm them and will not harm them in order to provide the humidity and coldness that the animals need. The fine moisture layer that goes down by spraying takes the heat from the environment when it evaporates over time and provides both slow and balanced cooling in closed areas.

  External Spraying

  Misting systems can be used in some places outside or in private areas. The aim here is to reduce the overwhelming effect of air in hot areas and create some cool areas. The fog system, which can be used in places such as cafes, bars, restaurants and gardens, has been designed as fixed or portable. These fogging systems, which are either stationary or mobile, spray from above to the environment in such a way that they do not come into direct contact with people at certain time intervals. For spraying, it can use cooled water or tap water at room temperature for spraying.