Usage Areas and Advantages of Fogging Systems

Usage Areas and Advantages of Fogging Systems

Fogging and humidification systems are one of the systems that many services need. It is characterized as a system that is needed by all those dealing with plant production, animal development, agriculture and animal husbandry. As Fogsis, we allow our customers to grow in a suitable environment and prevent our customers from wasting time and product loss. Our customers who prefer the system is carrying out its own works by doing less costs and without harming its own affairs. Fog nozzle systems are among the services offered to all our customers dealing with agricultural works. The operation of the system is designed so that our customers can be satisfied. As one of the most professional companies providing the supply of steaming, fogging and irrigation systems, we help our customers save time. By introducing the best systems to our customers, we anticipate the damage of the products received.

  These services provide energy savings to our customers. Energy savings save our customers from extra expenses. Thanks to the mist system, our customers do not have any problems about steaming and fogging. Thanks to this system which does not cause any water accumulation, it is possible to produce a perfect production. The high pressure fogging system, which will be used during the production process, will work with the high pressure principle and will prevent all damage to the plants. The most important features of these systems are the prevention of the odor that will disturb, providing the proper weather condition, not creating the water accumulation and the development in a short time. With the Fog system, we offer suitable environment and high quality to all our customers dealing with agricultural business. The systems that change the weather conditions of the environment are designed for the purpose of providing plants and we are among the best companies serving for this purpose.

Greenhouse Humidification Service

  It is possible to witness that if drip irrigation is used during the watering of the plants, the plants will suffer high rates of damage. As Fogsis, we are aware of all these and introduce our greenhouse humidification service to our customers. We use professional sprinkling, fogging, steaming and pressurized fogging systems instead of drip technique. In this way, our customers are saving energy and preventing them from paying extra fees. Thanks to these services, the production process of our customers becomes even faster and makes their sales easier. Plants are also in the group of living things should breathe. Damage and fading of plants will be normal if the required environment is not provided. It is not possible for our customers to be victims because we have designed systems that can prevent them.

  Systems that accelerate plant growth

  With the services we offer, we are causing the plants to grow rapidly. We provide the most necessary technologies to our customers by knowing what time the plants want and what they want. By automatically adjusting the humidification times, we prevent our customers from wasting time. Greenhouse and fog systems are offered to our customers at the most affordable prices for fast growth of plants. These systems make all the technological products necessary for our customers with the highest quality by considering all the factors that will cause the plants to fade, stress and not breathe.