More Productive Results With Foggis System

More Productive Results With Foggis System

Both moisture and evaporative cooling are required for healthy plant growth and seedling growth. The right system is crucial for plant pathogens to help remove dangerous controls and precautions. Various studies should be carried out for the greenhouse study. Irrigation is necessary for plant health and hydration. Especially greenhouse humidification systems provide a perfect environment for plants without wetting. In this way you can reveal the maximum potential of plants. You can use fog nozzle products to create different environments in various places. These nozzles provide sensitive humidity control. In addition, you can place it in the areas you need for evaporative cooling.

 Benefits of Precision Humidity Control

  Growing plants in the greenhouse is advantageous in many ways because you can control all the environmental factors. With air temperature, humidity content, air flow, you can improve plant quality and uniformity. Increased germination, temperature and removal of excess moisture will also reduce stress in plants. Plant growth in this area is accelerated, protected from heat and freezing shock, and the spread of the disease is eliminated. This leads to a general productivity increase in the greenhouse. An improved working environment can also be provided for people.

  How Do Humidification Systems Work?

  Billions of water particles sprayed from the fogging nozzle take the heat of the air. And as a result of the evaporation, the heat is reduced. In this case, the relative humidity increases. With the obtained humid and cool air circulation fans, control systems and ventilation, desired climatic conditions are obtained in the greenhouse. With the system, plants are reduced to the least negative weather conditions for plants. With the decreasing temperature, more favorable conditions are obtained for growing the plant and for people to work. As the fire rate decreases, it increases in efficiency.

Misting Systems

  In general, a series of fogging memes called mist systems that are in a tube and pressurized to provide a fine spray with droplets between 15 and 50 microns. The applications in this system, which can be defined as a mist system, include special effects, dust control, odor control, humidification, external cooling. Every application there is this mist system. In some cases, the buzzing systems completely surround the design. In some cases, the fog system is a single line down from the center of the field. For these studies the fog system must be operating at pressures below 500 ps. In larger droplets, negative results such as inadequate cooling are encountered.

  History of Fogging Systems

  The first fogging system established in the 1950s was for animals. This system, introduced as an economic management in this way, started to be developed in the next stages. With the improved cooling effect of the fog system, it has also started to be achieved in the field of product cultivation. System milk production in cows increased the size of eggs in chickens. These systems, which began to take place in industrial applications over the past few years, began to include much more professional systems such as high pressure fogging systems.