Mist System

Mist System

Mist system products, which offer a different innovation for ventilation, allow common use in all areas. Humidity and temperature balance are particularly important when it comes to production sites. As a matter of fact, effective ventilation systems are needed for the products to leave the production line in a healthier and high quality way. In parallel, it is also very important to use ventilation systems that provide the desired savings and provide high efficiency. High pressure systems, which combine all these, have become important for every sector. Because it creates a healthier production environment thanks to its effective, efficient, economic and long-lasting structure. In addition, the plug-and-play principle allows easy use.

  Specially Designed Mist System Products for Every Area

  Mist system products, which have become popular in recent years all over the world, have become indispensable designs for the industrial sector and other factory areas. It offers high efficiency potential while providing a long-lasting structure and saving energy. Thus, on a yearly basis, it is seen that companies bring moisture and temperature balance to production areas with much more favorable costs. This affects the increase in production and creates a healthier area for employees. It is not only important for industrial or different factories, but also for greenhouse areas. It provides an appropriate balance of humidity and temperature in greenhouse areas, especially for growing vegetables and fruits with an organic structure. On the other hand, cooling systems for hotels and similar areas provide an important opportunity during the summer months.

  High Quality Mist System Products Under Special Working Principle

  Mist system products, which offer different advantages with new generation technological system in every environment used, can be used safely for many years. Because the working principle is very easy and fast understanding. In a short time, the humidity and temperature balance in the environment reaches the desired level. How is this done? The operating principle of the system is very simple and effective. The special fog nozzle is used to spray evenly throughout the production area. Water droplets experience evaporation in the air at every point. Then, at the same time, the desired balance of humidity and temperature is captured at equal points in each medium. This new generation operating principle increases energy saving to a very high point; costs are minimized.

  High Pressure Fog Systems Under Professional Service Roof

  As a company, we realize the high-pressure fog systems design around the world, we offer the best service under the roof of the market in Turkey. We take this process in line with certain stages and offer you the system suitable for the production area.

 - First of all, we perform scaling in accordance with the structure of the area to be used.

 - Then the products are delivered in our professional production area.

 - Products are delivered to your address under the roof of our company within the promised time.

 - Our employees with experience in the field, as a result of the previous research provides the most appropriate point to mount.

 With all these transactions, after-sales support is available whenever you want.