Latest Technology in Air Conditioning and Humidification

Latest Technology in Air Conditioning and Humidification

One of the two important compounds for life is water and the other is water. The creatures that can get the oxygen they need from the air can get the essential water for a healthy life from many different sources. The presence of water in the environment and the resulting moisture balance is necessary in order to increase the quality of life after the continuation of life in every area where living things are. In addition, the balance of moisture in the environment such as production and aquaculture is one of the important factors affecting both the product quality and yield.

  While all physical needs can be known to grow and grow a living thing, the need for moisture and water is sometimes ignored. However, water is the building block of the world and vitality is absolutely necessary for every stage and every environment. In order to serve the same purpose in many sectors in order to serve this purpose, mist systems called mist system are installed. The main purpose of these systems is to increase the humidity of the environment, to decrease the increasing temperature, to change the air and to suppress bad smell.

  Systems that increase ambient humidity

  Greenhouse humidification called ır greenhouse humidification an is used for growing vegetables and fruits using products such as mushrooms and moss that require intensive moisture. Since these products are grown in closed environments, it is necessary to provide the same atmosphere in their environment. In order to ensure that the products that provide growth and development under optimum conditions are both efficient and healthy, fog system equipment should be operated and humidified.

  The alternative way to protect from heat

  When the water particles pass from the liquid state to the gaseous state, they have to get heat around while they evaporate. Naturally, it is expected to cool down over time in the condensed liquid. Especially in the closed areas where livestock breeding, both the movement and the body temperature of the animals to prevent the increase of heat is caused by misting in the environment. Using the high-pressure fogging system, water is not sprayed into the medium, but in the form of spray particles, so animals in the environment are not disturbed by water. The layer of moisture, which is laid on the ground as a thin layer, slowly cools the environment and protects the animals from excessive heat.

  Product Quality and Humidity for Environmental Health

  Another sector where the use of humidification and air conditioning systems is essential is the sectors in which paper and paper products are processed. In these sectors where the cellulose obtained from living tissue is the raw material, it is necessary to work under intensive humidity in order to prevent the product from drying, drying and forming. In large enterprises, fog nozzle systems, which can be controlled from a single control panel, can give moisture to the environment as spraying, misting or irrigation. It is possible to use this equipment to eliminate the bad smell due to the polluted air and to clean the air by changing the working time, effectiveness and humidification of the humidification systems.