How to Use High Pressure Fog Systems in Textile

How to Use High Pressure Fog Systems in Textile

Maintaining moisture in the paper and textile industry is of great importance for quality products. At the same time, it is necessary to capture a balanced humidity environment in order to reduce usage and working time and to ensure quality production. Of course, it is also important to adjust the humidity level depending on the quality and structure of the papers. Especially when the humidity level of the environment is low, many problems may occur at the point of production.

  Unwanted curls occur on the paper in the production area. In addition, static electricity occurs and paper breaks occur. This leads to a decline in production and a deterioration in the supply-demand balance. In order to avoid such a situation, nowadays with the new generation technological system, high pressure fogging system is one step forward.

  Advantages of High Pressure System in Textile and Paper World

  Paper production is very intensive worldwide. In order to meet this density, the humidification in the production area must be obtained at maximum. High-pressure fogging system, which is highly acclaimed with its new generation quality production technology, provides little advantage in this regard.

 - Minimizing static electricity

 - Dust control

 - Adiabatic cooling

 - Maximizing productivity

 - Reducing work stress

 - Higher ink quality

 All of these factors allow for the production of high quality paper, even when working with different shifts 24 hours a day. High pressure fog systems provide the chance of adjusting the balanced humidity and cooling process to the desired degrees, maximizing the production quality.

  Possibility of High Cooling and Humidification

  Humidification and cooling reach the most important point for paper in terms of sectors. Due to the delicate structure of the papers, poor quality production occurs if the desired environment is not formed. The new generation of high pressure fogging system with technological features provides privileged opportunities for textile mills in this regard.

  The fog systems that spread water droplets over every area via the equal spraying system, thus reach the desired level of moisture balance. In addition, static decreases, dust control is achieved and productivity is maximized. Once the water droplets reach each area, an evenly balanced moisture is provided through the air evaporation system. Thus, a healthy area is obtained within the scope of both products and working personnel.

  Professional Humidification Service for Quality Products in Textile World

  You can obtain high pressure fog systems which are used extensively around the world with the assurance of our company. We provide production after scaling for the production area. Then transportation and installation are handled by our expert staff.

  With creative design and engineering, you can safely use our products at international high standards. For a healthy production, economy and quality, we recommend high-pressure fog systems used around the world. We are pleased to offer the best long-lasting systems, accompanied by our service understanding based on customer satisfaction.