How to catch the necessary humidity and temperature for healthy greenhouse production

How to catch the necessary humidity and temperature for healthy greenhouse production

Turkey is an agricultural country in general terms. It has a suitable environment condition for growing a very rich fruit vegetable species. However, it is not possible to grow the desired plants in the agricultural areas in every season. Therefore, greenhouse areas are used in order to ensure natural environment conditions and to ensure the continuity of cultivation throughout the seasons. Of course, the maximum efficiency and healthy production of different plants, moisture and temperature is of great importance. Equal protection of this level is achieved by the use of correct ventilation systems. Greenhouse humidification products provide support for low cost and high efficiency and contribute to the full capture of this balance for greenhouse areas.

 Special High Pressure Fog Systems to Meet Increasing Production

With the country's population growing every year with a high rate, different plant cultivation is being done more intensively. Particularly in order to meet the increasing production and maximize the product values, the correct environment conditions must be ensured. Systems with higher light and low water consumption should be used. Greenhouse humidification, which offers this technology with high level technology, is provided in the best way from the manufacturing stage to the assembly. We perform production depending on the size of the greenhouse areas with the exploration and project. Thanks to the technological production through creative design and engineering, these new generation systems provide the right humidity and temperature ratio. Thus, the plants give faster and healthier growth.

 Professional Support in the Name of Quality Plant Breeding

Vegetable fruit cultivation is one of the basic needs of a country. Therefore, greenhouse areas are of great importance to meet a high population. Of course, in these areas to ensure the production of moisture and temperature is of paramount importance for plants. Today's high technology fog systems provide the best possible generation of new generation systems. Based on the method of evaporation of the water droplets, the system provides direct moisture-warming and temperature balance to the plants. The greenhouse humidification, which we provide all over the world, is manufactured in high quality in accordance with international standards. It provides low cost, high efficiency and long service life.

 After Sales Continuous Service

  Our work that we started with exploration and manufacturing continues through after-sales service. For the quality production of all vegetable fruits in greenhouse areas, we know the right cooling effect and humidification support. Depending on the size and location of the area, the different systems we offer offer a direct increase in germination production. It also allows plants to breathe easily and reduces stress. Thus, without any waste, healthy, high quality and high yield products are allowed to be offered for sale. You can contact us immediately for these systems which are used extensively in different greenhouse areas around the world. We offer the best service to provide you the best with the fastest delivery, solution-oriented work and experience.