How the Fogging System Works

How the Fogging System Works

As the world's four on one side of fogging systems used extensively in Turkey, especially come to the fore with different operating systems. Providing services under the roof of advanced new technological system, this structure provides high efficiency and affordable cost. At the same time, the special system it provides allows equal humidification and cooling to every point of the relevant area. This system, which provides smart solution methods in air conditioning, is evaluated in many different areas today.

  How Does the Fogging System Work?

  High pressure fog systems operating under a system that has kept up with today's world have a structure over spraying. Within this structure, whatever the size of the area, water droplets are spread evenly. These droplets evaporate from the moment they come into contact with air. Thus, the desired temperature and humidity ratio is obtained. Because the system has a special setting section. This section allows the cooling system to catch the appropriate environment with the desired temperature and humidity. In this direction, the droplets evaporate and provide a better quality, long-lasting and efficient production area.

  Fogging System for Many Areas

  The fogging system at the production point is now used in many different areas that can be imagined. It provides critical humidity and cooling opportunity in vegetable and fruit production especially for greenhouse areas. At the same time, it allows the production of the products in the desired quality in many industrial areas and factory areas.

  One of its most important privileges lies in the technological field. Because, special ventilation and air conditioning should be created in order to prevent the technological products from damaging the very hot machines. Fogging system provides this in the best way and allows technological products to pass through production without being damaged.

  Fogging System Over the Advantages of Special Working System

  High pressure fog systems, which have ranked number one in the world since the moment of their production, stand out especially with their working principle. This system, which provides ventilation and air conditioning through droplet contamination, also provides many advantages.

  Efficient production area

 - Low cost opportunity

 Long-lasting use

 Economic structure

 - Easy to use design

 - Evaluation in every field

  Today, high pressure fog systems are more preferred than other ventilation and air conditioning systems with all their possibilities.

  Fogging System with Corporate Service Approach

  The fogging system, which stands out with its rational solution methods in every field, is offered with special production. Thanks to the production made on scaling with preliminary projecting, the design suitable for the area is made ready. It is possible to easily evaluate the structure thanks to the plug and play system, together with the transportation and installation discussed later. These systems, which are handled through creative design and engineering, are also provided with after-sales support. Regardless of the area, it is possible to create quality production areas that will provide high efficiency at the most affordable costs.