How Mist System Is Used In Animal Cooling Area

How Mist System Is Used In Animal Cooling Area

Commercially fed animals in different areas can be seriously harmed by extreme temperatures. This may cause significant losses on a sectoral basis. Animals, especially like humans, do not have an internal mechanism to cope with temperature. This may cause significant losses in closed areas due to excessive heat. Therefore, the areas where animals are raised should be regularly ventilated and the desired moisture and temperature balance should be achieved. In order to make this permanent and to provide high efficiency at low cost, mist system is one step ahead.

  Use of Mist Systems in Animal Cooling Areas

  Creating a controlled area where animals can live comfortably, the misting system offers a higher efficiency and a healthy environment. Especially animals that are protected from extreme heat recover from many different diseases and ailments. Among these, there are no situations such as lethargic behavior, birth complications, vomiting or death. In other words, all diseases related to heat are completely eliminated by the animal cooling system. Thanks to the system that provides both productivity and comfort, animals are raised in a healthy way. Thus, the production of animals at the desired time and in the desired amount can be achieved.

  Advantages of Mist System in Animal Cooling

  The mist system, which provides the opportunity to reach the desired temperature in the facilities with the desired critical humidity and temperature, stands out with its many advantages.

  - Significant increase in meat, milk and egg production

 - reduce animal stress

 - Odor suppression

 - Capturing a longer breeding period

 - Significant energy savings

 - Significant reduction in bird loss

  With all these features, animals are raised in the facilities in a healthy way and the desired quota is obtained. In particular, the situation is provided with much lower costs and the desired efficiency.

  Quality and Healthy Animal Breeding

  When it comes to animal breeding, very sensitive studies must be done. Ventilation is of great importance with the desired humidity and temperature, especially in the facilities. In this regard, the mist system, which brings equal heat to every area by means of water evaporating in the air through the drip method, is widely used worldwide. Thus, high pressure fog systems, which allow completely quality and healthy animal breeding, have made a very important difference with the technology they offer.

  Mist Systems with Special Design

  The mist system, which stands out as fog systems with its Turkish name, is produced under special design and high engineering studies. The important thing here is to produce in accordance with each facility. Because first of all, scaling is done and then transportation and assembly service is provided with production. The structures prepared by adhering to the international quality standard also provide a long-lasting and effective use. High pressure fog systems, which stand out with economic solutions in particular, are provided with a professional understanding through after-sales support.