How Greenhouse Humidification Systems Work in Greenhouse Areas

How Greenhouse Humidification Systems Work in Greenhouse Areas

Greenhouse areas are of great importance for the production of many vegetables and fruits in different climatic conditions. As the world's population increases with each passing year, greenhouses have become even more important. In Turkey, where favorable climatic conditions in terms of agriculture on greenhouse carries out studies on different areas in this regard. In order to meet the millions of demands, an effective environment against the weather should be created in the greenhouse areas. Greenhouse humidification systems, which are effective over the evaporation of water particles by taking the air heat, are among the most used methods today. Sera humidification products, which are prepared to a high standard of international quality, allow the area to capture equal humidity and temperature with the evaporation of water droplets.

  Use of Greenhouse Humidification Systems in Greenhouse Areas

  Greenhouse humidification has a different operating principle compared to other ventilation systems. Especially because it provides one-to-one contact, plants can obtain the desired environment in a much healthier way. Because water droplets which are dispersed into the air by spraying evaporate in a short time. Cool air contacting plants during evaporation allows much more efficient production. Thus, plants can breathe more easily, have higher light absorption and require less water. This, of course, naturally reduces costs and enables higher quality production in a short period of time. You can use high-pressure systems with easy-to-use and plug-and-play principle at different degrees in series areas. Thus, the correct balance of humidity and temperature can be established depending on the size of the greenhouses and climatic conditions.

  Greenhouse Humidification Systems with Different Advantages

  Greenhouse humidification, which is evaluated with international quality standards all over the world, has become indispensable for greenhouse areas. In particular, the advantages offered reduce the cost of production while providing a higher content of organic and quality vegetable and fruit varieties.

 - Increase germination and reproduction

 - Humidity and temperature balance capture

 - Reducing water consumption

 - Stress reduction

 - Accelerate the growth of plants

 In addition to the many positive aspects it provides, it also allows higher production at affordable costs. Controlled high-pressure fog system stands out as the best partner in the environmental agriculture, Turkey is providing effective methods for all greenhouse area in different regions.

  Greenhouse Humidification Providing Correct Solutions for Greenhouse Areas

  Fog systems that provide privileges for plants in greenhouse areas are provided by professional production through scaling. At the time of production, you can obtain secure support within our company, from the assembly part to the after-sales service support. You can create high production area in greenhouses with the new generation technological system works where creative design and engineering meet. Long-lasting, efficient, economical and durable structure is possible to use comfortably. We deliver the high pressure fog systems, which we handle at the most reasonable prices, in a short time with an understanding that is sensitive to human and environment.