High Quality Service with Fog System

High Quality Service with Fog System

 The fog system needed for the healthy development of plants is very important in seedling development and plant breeding. You will get this area from our company and you can get productive results thanks to our service. With precise controls made, the hazards of plant pathogens can be removed. If the correct system is used, it is possible to avoid this danger. The health and hydration of the plants is a big precaution for the watering. If you want to provide a perfect environment without wetting, you can benefit from greenhouse humidification services.  

 The world-wide fog nozzle products help to create different environments in the greenhouse. Sensitive humidity control can be achieved thanks to the nozzles used. You can place products in any area for evaporative cooling. When sensitive humidity control is provided; it is possible to improve plant quality, moisture content, air temperature, as well as uniformity with airflow. The environment necessary for healthy growth of plants is being prepared. This results in rapid plant growth. The increase in productivity obtained from greenhouse can be seen. These systems are used around the world and attract great interest as they provide a general stream of productivity.

Comprehensive Service Mist System   It is usually called a mist system, which is located in a tube and pressurized to provide a fine spray of droplets between 15 and 50 microns. This system is also called the mist system. Within the system; odor control, external cooling, dust control, moisturizing and special effects. Every application has its own system. Sometimes these systems, which completely surround the area they are in, sometimes appear as a single line down the center of the fog system. For this work to be implemented, the fog system must operate at pressures below 500 ps.   

Negative results can be seen in larger droplets. The system used helps to increase milk production in cows and the size of eggs in chickens. The fogging system was used in the past for animals; can be used in different fields thanks to the technology that is developing today. Humidification and fogging systems in the foreground for industrial use in textiles, restaurants and cafes help users achieve healthy airflow and productivity.

Odor Prevention with High Pressure Fogging System

  The prevention of dust and odor in the stone and mine processing plants is possible thanks to the high pressure fogging system. The high pressure and water are sprayed to the tiny spray nozzles with the fog feature. Sprayed water adheres to dust particles in the air. So the dust jerks down. No wetting occurs during the process. The system used for dust suppression provides more effective results with less water.

  Therefore, the expenses to be reported by the operators are less. Economically, the system that contributes to the company can also be used for odor prevention. Sewerage networks are considerably effective for dealing with bad smells in areas such as organic wastes, refuse collection areas, animal shelters and animal farms. You can professionally benefit from our high pressure system system service which our company has given in the direction of your need.