High pressure fog system

High pressure fog system

Gradient between the greenhouse. Generally temperatures rise from the wet pad to the fans.

Growers can largely avoid this issue by using a high pressure fog system. The Air Inside The Greenhouse.

Mostly growing high - pressure systems. The Basically, if you're using high-pressure fog systems, you'll be able to drop a drop of water.

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Helping people to control the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Cooling & Humidification with Misting,


Misting systems (or Fog systems). Misting systems are also used for Misting systems. The evaporation of the evaporation of the greenhouse is the principle of evaporative cooling. During the winter time the system is under control.



• Increased general productivity of the greenhouse.

• Speeds up plants growth

• Keeping of constant humidity levels

• Lower water consumption for the irrigation

• Growing of a greenhouse

• Suitable for chemical spreading (fertilizers, insecticides)

• Less humidity need

• The correct micro-climate in any season

• Less shading needed