High pressure fog system

High pressure fog system

There is a temperature and humidity gradient between the two ends of the greenhouse. Generally temperatures rise from the wet pad to the fans.

Growers can largely avoid this issue by using a high-pressure fog system, where nozzles are distributed throughout the greenhouse and inject small water droplets (5-20 micrometers); the air inside the greenhouse then evaporates the water.

Most of the growers recommend a high-pressure fog system as opposed to low-pressure mist. “Basically, if you useing high-pressure fog system you are injecting fine droplets of water into the air, usually over the plants.

 “The problem with high-pressure fog and low-pressure mist systems is just trying to figure out how to balance water injection and ventilation rates” . As a rule of thumb placing nozzles no less than three feet (0,914 meters) above the top of plants to prevent water from getting on them.

Whether growers decide to use high-pressure fog system, evaporative cooling can help control temperature and humidity in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Cooling & Humidification with Misting,


Misting systems (or Fog systems) play an important role in the greenhouse climatic control. Misting systems are also used with enormous advantages to keep the right temperature and humidity in the environment, under conditions of forced or natural ventilation. In summertime the quick evaporation of the fog will cool the greenhouse due to the principle of evaporative cooling, meanwhile it humidifies the environment in case of low relative humidity. During the wintertime the system keeps the correct humidity rate preventing the dehydration of the crops caused by heating systems.



  • Increased general productivity of the greenhouse
  • Speeds up plants growth
  • Keeping of constant humidity levels
  • Lower water consumption for the irrigation
  • Growing of a reproduction plants stock in the greenhouse
  • Suitable for chemical spreading (fertilizers, insecticides)
  • Less humidity need
  • The correct micro-climate in any season
  • Less shading needed