Green Houses

Green Houses

                In the food production sector, there are some important process and techniques. One of them is about having the vegetables and fruits from the green houses. If the system is useful and full of advantages, the productivity will be bigger. In a short time, there are so many vegetables and fruits can be grown in these green houses. It is not only the reason or advantage for this system, the other one is about seasons. In every season, these foods can be get from the production lines and farmers do not wait for the true season for all. For example, if the green houses system is set well, tomatoes can be get even in winter time. So, it shows that farmers must have perfect production systems in their green houses.

Productivity is High

                For all the farmers, the important thing is productivity level… This level must be high; because of the incomes. If there are so many vegetables or fruits are grown in a short time for a lower cost, farmers can sell them quickly and they can wait for the new part. It means than margins will be higher after setting up the green houses systems. Technicians, managers or farmers are very sensitive about this.

                There are some points for the green houses, to be perfect. The first one is about the having true temperature. System must arrange the available temperature for the plants, vegetables and fruits. So, they can be matured in a healthy way.

                Secondly, the sun lights can be gathered and sent to the foods. Then, they can get the lights to be grown up wonderfully. The green houses must do this for the perfect productivity. System must be arranged like this.

                Another topic is about the watering… In the green houses, farmers use the nozzle systems to give the water on the foods and other plants. These nozzle materials give the water drop by drop on every vegetables and fruits. The water amount is important, and this system arranges it also. Spreading the water can be done with this system and not any seed can be waste.

Farmers Like This System

                Farmers and managers have a target about getting more foods and naturally the incomes. Because of this they need to have different systems for the high level productivity. So, all the green houses will be set by the successful managers and technicians for the producers.