Fogsis Mist System

Fogsis Mist System

By using fogging technology, we can facilitate the plant production of our customers and provide the formation of plant in a short time. In this regard, our customers can realize their own production in a more suitable environment and save as much as they want. With savings, our customers are able to provide more production and invest more in their own business. Thanks to Fog nozzle systems, our customers are able to meet the requirements of plants in different processes. Thus, thanks to the technologies we offer our customers can complete their production perfectly. The use of Mist system creates a completely natural appearance and does not cause water particles to be left on plants. High pressure fogging system is also used for the breathing and stressfulness of the plants. Thanks to the high-pressure fogging system, plants are prevented from having bad odors by the system.

  It is important in terms of the development of the plant to transform the water into steam and to meet the water needs of the plants. As fogsis we recommend fog system setup so that our customers can meet this requirement. The water is made into steam and the plants need water; it plays an important role in having an aesthetic appearance of the plant. We recommend these systems to our customers who want to save energy and water and produce more plants.

The services we provide play an important role both in the development of plants and in meeting their needs. We can avoid the problems that we have in terms of process with the services we offer. Thanks to our fogging technology, plants are affected by bad smell and the formation of pests is completely prevented. Pests are one of the factors that prevent the formation of plants and cause root emergence. In order to prevent these from occurring, a suitable heat medium must be formed. We provide the appropriate heat environment with our irrigation and fogging technologies and offer the coldness that the plant needs.

  Cooling and Humidification Systems

  Cooling operations are among the processes that should be applied to almost every plant. The realization of these processes affects the development of the plant positively. In this way, it is possible for our customers to chill with the technological tools we will produce. The humidity of the environment in which plants are produced is very important in terms of growth, growth and yield. We pay attention to these products and services and introduce our customers for years to experience. Thanks to Greenhouse humidification, all of the cooling and humidification requirements are met during production. We can provide this service almost anywhere and we do all the work necessary to make it convenient for use.

Systems Accelerating Plant Growth    In order to accelerate the development of the plant, it is necessary to meet all the needs of the plant. At the top of these needs are water, moisture, heat and steam. The heat must be appropriate in order to allow the plant to breathe easily and to spread the environment. If the temperature is not appropriate, problems such as reduced spread, inhale, and stress will occur. In order to prevent these problems from happening, we offer our customers the latest technological solutions for irrigation, humidification and fogging. Thanks to the systems, there is no problem in terms of the development and formation of the plant. The systems that will be used will meet all the needs of the plant in the best quality and will benefit the production person.