Fogsis Humidification and Reconstitution Systems

Fogsis Humidification and Reconstitution Systems

 The effect of everything that will be used during the development process of the plants is quite large. It is necessary to have the necessary products from time to time to ensure the development of plants in a suitable environment. Damage to plants is a common occurrence when proper weather conditions are not met. As Fogsis, we are introducing the fog nozzle system to our customers. Thanks to this system, suitable weather conditions are provided for the plants and it is possible to grow the plant in the best environment. With the mist system, we increase the humidification rate of the plants and cause them to breathe. Providing a natural environment and accelerating its growth is one of our greatest goals. Therefore, with the high pressure fogging system we offer to our customers, we can increase the fog ratio of the environment and provide the water that the plant wants. The use of fogging technology provides enormous effects in the formation process of the plant.

  We act consciously and know what plants need. That's why we offer the most suitable technological products to our customers. The technological products we offer will effect throughout the development process of the plants and will cover all the processes which need to be done. Thanks to the Fog system, we can ensure the development of the plant in shorter periods and add speed to the speed of our customers. We help our customers achieve faster and more plant production by providing a great impact on the development time of plants. All of the products we offer offer the highest efficiency as it is designed to facilitate the development of plants. In order to control odors and to balance the odor of the environment, the fogging systems we offer to our customers are provided with more affordable prices than many systems. Thus, our customers can reach the highest quality with the best prices.

What is a High Pressure Fogging System?

  This service is known as high pressure fogging systems. The effect of the plants on the development process, the smell, the growth in a suitable environment, the rapid yield. This system, which is used for odor prevention purposes and for many reasons mentioned above, allows our customers to work with more favorable conditions. Thanks to our Greenhouse humidification system, it is possible to cool the environment. A cold environment is needed for the plants to breathe. Our products, which prevent the formation of hot environment, will provide the highest efficiency by working in the growth process of plants and as much as our customers want; will be an indicator of our quality.

  Low temperature, high humidity rate of our products

  As Fogsis, we are helping to produce the most delicate plants that our customers produce. Some plants require low temperature and high humidity. In order to meet these requirements, fogging and humidification systems are needed. As Fogsis, we meet our customers with the best quality service by meeting these needs of our customers at the most affordable prices. Thus, our customers can provide their own plant production without paying too much money without considering the weather conditions. While it is unclear what the weather conditions will be, creating a suitable environment is one of the most logical ways. We offer all the systems required for the creation of suitable environment. We also provide information on how the system works and how it works.