Fogging System in Industrial Areas

Fogging System in Industrial Areas

Fogging systems, which can be applied in different fields with high and low pressure systems, are your advantageous partner to get productive results. The high pressure fogging system installed with chromium pipes is applied with 70 bar pressure. Water particles are diluted in microns and irrigation is carried out on the plants before water remains. In low-pressure systems, the pressure does not exceed 6 -7 bar. These systems, which are practical to install, have a low cost. The small water droplets evaporate and cool down. The surrounding heat is absorbed. The water droplets which are fine from 10 microns are sprinkled by the spraying nozzles and moisture is obtained without plant wetting.

  Greenhouse Applications

  The lowest humidity and the highest temperature will be determined according to the climatic conditions, and the amount of water to be sprayed will be determined according to these criteria. The greenhouse humidification, which enables the living creatures to achieve an ideal life span, is very cold or very unfavorable. Low and extreme humidity can also cause plant degradation. Evaporation-mist system is required for the humidity to be controlled. With proper hydration, you can get better quality plants, get faster crops and less disease in plants.

A healthy growing environment is required especially for summer products. Dense temperatures slow down growth. In fact, difficult working conditions also make maintenance and follow-up operations difficult. This area is fogged with water droplets sprayed over the fog nozzle and the evaporative air heat is removed. The temperature is reduced to 15 ° C. If the amount of moisture is desired, it can be up to 95 percent. Or the humid air is thrown out and the ideal environment cooling is achieved. The temperature is lowered to obtain the ideal environment for growing the plant. This reduces waste rates and boosts the yield you get from your greenhouse.   

Animal Shelters   Up to 10 to 15 C of cooling is provided in animal shelters. Humidification is carried out at the desired rates and this is an ideal environment for animals. Fog system installations will yield efficiency to increase product quantity and quality. Especially milk production in cows increases. Because at high temperatures the animals enter the strase. This reduces milk productivity. For this reason, it is very important to cool the environment in which the living things are located. It is also possible to increase productivity as cows are more nourished. Particularly, the areas to be cooled select places near the feeding sections. More feeding can be provided by animals preferring these areas.

Dust Suppression

  A fogging system is used to control the amount of dust particles in the air. Dust removal can be achieved in this category or dust removal using wet fog clouds. The possibility of dust spreading in the air is avoided. In the second method, hanging dust is caught. In this system, small water droplets that surround the dust particles forming a pile will fall down. And within this system you can get the advantages of energy saving, dust removal, water consumption reduction.