Fogging System

Fogging System

The fogging system is called the whole system that is used to cool the environment in a short time and provides the necessary moisture when used in the greenhouse. It shows itself among the most preferred method for removing insects and bad odors. It is one of the effective methods used in suppressing dust in outdoor cooling and creating effects such as smoke and fog when special effects are desired. Another name is passed to the system as the system.

 How Does the Fogging System Work?

 The method is applied differently at low and high pressure. Chrome pipes and nozzles are used in the Mist system. The fogging system application in the high-pressure system is the application to bring the water drops to a fineness called micron in order not to leave residues caused by water. The water brought to thinness is brought to a small size so that it does not leave any residue. The fog nozzle forming the system as its basic part is coated with the nickel plating method. It is designed to be between 0.10 and 0.70 mm.

 High-Pressure Fogging System

 The high-pressure system transforms the water into the fog by separating it into particles. It provides a comfortable usage dimension by examining the nozzles in the units with high pressure and injecting them into the desired environment. Water fineness varies depending on the type of nozzle to be used as high pressure. There are also structures with varying nozzle thickness for the method of fine water sprinkling. These save water and energy usage. They realize maximum efficiency. The fogging system provides a beneficial transformation that will be beneficial for the person by breaking the water into small pieces with the help of microns when high pressure is applied by passing through the nozzles in the system with a certain amount of fine structure. In low-pressure systems, a small amount of water is sprayed with much less application of high-pressure application.


 The fogging system is used in many areas and it is used primarily to reduce the ambient temperature and cool it, and then as a disinfection process, it provides a lot of convenience to the person by suppressing the dust and moisturizing the environment, creating a usage area for removing bad odors. The system, which has been used in greenhouse cultivation recently, applies the humidity level indoors. When used in greenhouse cultivation, it contributes effectively to the moistening process by reducing the amount of water consumption in germination. In industrial areas, it provides high benefits in different places by applying air cooling techniques by helping in textile and paper processing in cork production in creating measures in odor.

  What are the Usage Areas?

  1) It creates a usage area in order to increase efficiency, especially in animal cooling, in places where mass production is made.

  2) Moisture is one of the requirements for mushroom production. When the temperature is adjusted, it shows twice the high quality.

  3) The fogging system, which is used in deodorization, disinfection, and dust suppression, is also an effective method for removing insects.

  4) It is used by adding color to efficiency and quality, which is intended to attract the attention of people in order to give effect in the special area created as a usage area.