Air Conditioning with Fogging System

Air Conditioning with Fogging System

Air conditioning is the required temperature adjustment system in products or systems under natural conditions. Fogsis can apply its 15 years of experience all over the world. The designs suitable for the measured environments are prepared and production is started and then the installation takes place.

 Air Conditioning Systems

 New techniques are being developed depending on the deterioration of the balance of nature day by day. From agriculture, animal husbandry, industry, textile and paper processing plants, experts strive for balance in almost every area. Greenhouse humidification produces magnificent solutions by combining its experiences and experiences. It is widely used in greenhouses, mushroom production areas, deodorization systems. The designs prepared by determining on-site are produced and installed. Believing in the quality and assurance of engineering studies, it deserves praise in the field of fogsis, which enlarges its working areas.

 What is the Fogging System?

 Generally, water is sprayed to reduce the ambient temperature in greenhouses and hot environments. Particles reduced to 15 microns give coolness to the environment, but no wetness is felt. They are flawless engineering studies established by meticulously calculating the measurements and installation. High pressure or low pressure is applied according to the environment requirement. The high-pressure system must be installed with chrome pipes that can withstand 70 bar pressure, while the low pressure (6-7 bar pressure) system is installed with polyethene pipes. Thanks to the spray pressure regulator in the greenhouse humidification system, it cools the area where it is located, and it can provide the necessary moisture in the area in question.

 Mushroom Production

 Mushroom is a vegetable that is 90% water by weight. As soon as the humidity drops, both its appearance collapses and it loses weight. For this reason, mushroom production areas must maintain certain moisture levels. Efficiency can be increased by providing temperature control during production. The most suitable humidification system for mushroom production areas is fogging. Fogging system;

Provides moisture balance.


And it can provide natural cooling.

What adjustment processes with the fogging system can be used in many areas. It can also be used for cooling, disinfection, humidification, irrigation and sterilization.

 Entertainment Environment with Fogging System

  In the summer, for entertainment purposes or for health reasons, coolness can be given by fogging system. The fogging system, which is a special engineering study, can be applied in many areas such as tourism, holiday, restaurants, wedding halls. Those in the environment can be cooled and provided with a healthy living space. It is also used as one of the favourite activities of the summer months in children's entertainment areas. Insatiable entertainment can be organized with great equipment from the cooperation of creative graphic designers and engineers. You can access the internet 24/7 and get information.

  Air Conditioning Systems Installation

 Air conditioning systems are installed by expert teams. First of all, design studies are carried out. The developing design is put into production and presented to the customer in a flawless way. continues its inspection, control and service support after the installation. You can start the work of your air conditioning needs by getting information from the website at any time of the day. Studies against insects also work as an effective solution for unwanted odours. In industrial areas, both high energy savings and financial gain can be achieved from greenhouses and animal cooling processes.