A World Wide Use; Fogging System

A World Wide Use; Fogging System

The temperature is cooled by the fogging system which finds application area in different greenhouses. Widely used in both residential and commercial markets, this system uses sharp edge technology to increase temperature in addition to reducing temperature. Designed for a variety of events, these systems also help create favorable conditions. These systems, which consist of high pressure fogging systems and low pressure systems, are preferred due to their robust construction, easy installation and low water consumption.

Greenhouse Moisture

  Humidity levels must be constant for plants to develop. Evaporative cooling is essential for both healthy plant growth and seedling growth. Precise controls are required to remove the hazards of plant pathogens. The greenhouse humidification system is preferred for the humidity levels to be consistent and the plants to develop. The humidifying system improves ventilation and ensures proper cooling. It is a very important system for healthy plant growth and seedling development.

Worldwide Fog and Steam Systems

  In terms of high pressure fog systems, humidification, adiabatic cooling, industrial cooling, fog system designs and manufactures worldwide. In farms and agriculture these systems have been used for a long time. Some of the fog systems are very expensive, and some can be very vulnerable to microbes.

  Special agricultural fog systems provide simple installations and nozzle clogging and multi-functionality. With a system, it can be moistened, dust and smell can be removed. Products can be distributed and protective fire protection provides high level of protection in the field of security. The high pressure fogging system, which guarantees a clean balance, is effective against microbe. We also guarantee that bottles are blocked with our special processes. The high pressure misting pumps used in this system are fully customized from our economical direct drive pump. All fog pumps are manufactured with high-quality components and have proven track record for over 25 years.

  All standard pulleys and masts are manufactured with well-known components. All systems with thermal short-circuit protection include fuse protection. With its advantageous uses, the mist system offers a variety of applications tailored to specific needs for those seeking custom solutions.

Fog Nozzles

  Designed for fog effects, fog nozzles are innovative solutions. Special effect designers, landscape architects, fountain designers and comprehensive options designed for water professionals and professionals are offered. To catch the illumination, visual enhancement is provided to the back drop and the fountain. They have perfect nozzles for creating special effects.

  The mist nozzle bridge, which is designed with a reinforced bridge style pin that protects the pinion better and prevents misalignment, offers ideal uses. In addition to this, you can use it with high performances such as plate fuse nozzle, fog, and the highest outlet fog. A dry model is the plume sis nozzle, which produces a dry and very light fog used for applications where condensation is the issue. It is a less bulky and drier model.