Fogsis Greenhouse Humidification

 Fogsis Greenhouse Humidification

Thanks to the positive contributions we have made to the development of plants with moisturizing technology, we are helping our customers without knowing the border. By offering the fog nozzle system to our production customers, we are able to improve our plants in a more efficient environment. Thanks to the systems we build, our customers engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture can produce in a more suitable environment. We also carry out animal cooling processes with Mist system technology. We ensure that the animals have a fertile structure without stress and without the warmth of life. We offer our frying systems to our customers in order to make use of meat and dairy products and to increase them. Thanks to the high pressure fogging system, our customers can make their own agriculture more comfortable and create a suitable heat environment for the plant to produce. In order to balance the heat of the environment, we introduce dozens of similar systems to our customers who prefer us.

We introduce all of our dilution, evaporation and fogging systems, which can not find a suitable environment for production and even worry about the temperature of the environment even if they find it. Thanks to our animal cooling technology, we are able to increase the production of our customers' products. The animals also have less stress and can not produce during the stress period. We use cooling systems to prevent this. Thanks to the Fog system, our customers' products become more aesthetic and more efficient. The ability to produce animals in a better environment positively affects the animal's psychology. Everyone who wants to make a perfect and better production service, we provide all the controls to ensure that the quality of the service we are delivering in a short time.

What services does Fogsis offer?

  We offer to customers animal cooling, technologies that can increase production, smell prevention systems and many other systems. In order to ensure that the systems work positively and smoothly, we perform all the technical controls necessary. We will also provide solutions to all problems that arise after the controls are realized and help those who choose us. Thanks to our Greenhouse humidification service, our customers can create a comfortable and good environment. Psychology can be influenced by the heat, since plants and animals are also present in the live group. We also want to say that our dilution systems have the latest technology in order to be able to prevent them and to make the living creatures that are producing better.

Benefits of Fogsis Services

  As Fogsis, we provide a large number of services to our customers engaged in agriculture and livestock business in order to prevent any problems that may arise during production. Prevention of kokun is made possible by the systems we provide for the dissolution of the dust, the cooling of the animals, the formation of the heat environment, and the solutions of the problems in the process of plant formation. Thus, our customers have the ability to expand their production area by yielding at the highest level while doing their own production. The area has sufficient production environment to be provided by the technological products we offer and our customers can use these systems easily. We are able to provide the development of our own business by offering these privileges to our customers who are dealing with agriculture and animal husbandry and want to have a more effective structure in production. This leads to more natural production.